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The Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries will be headed by a County Secretary with professional competencies in Agriculture and Livestock Management.

The incumbent will be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the County Public Service Board and approval of the County Assembly.

The Department will be managed under the three Divisions of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries each headed by a County Director. Under the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution, the county level has been assigned responsibility for crop and animal husbandry; livestock sales yards; county abattoirs; plant and animal disease control and fisheries.

Organization Structure for the Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries



The County Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries will be managed under three Divisions viz, Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries.

Division of Agriculture
The Division of Agriculture will be responsible for crop husbandry and plant disease control. In addition, it will be responsible for implementing activities in land resources management, agri-business and market development and in agricultural engineering. Activities in land resources management will entail agricultural land use planning, environmental management, promotion of agro-forestry and soil conservation. The Division will also be responsible for building of dams, terraces, farm roads and ridging. It will also provide advice on farm mechanization services (ploughing, harvesting and processing etc), enforcement of quality standards for agro-processing, maintenance of agricultural machines and equipment, survey and design of conservation structures and providing advice to farmers on appropriate machinery and equipments. In the area of agri-business and marketing, the Division will be expected to provide advice to farmers on farming as a business; provide data and information on farm inputs, create mechanisms for increased access to affordable agricultural inputs, promote awareness on
the Warehouse Receipting Systems (WRS); and disseminate information on market prices.

Division of Livestock Development
The Division of Livestock Development will be responsible for providing services in livestock production and veterinary services. Livestock production services at the county level will entail the provision of livestock extension services to farmers, livestock marketing, range management services and farmer training.

Veterinary services at the county level will entail the following:-
(i) Animal health and welfare extension services;
(ii) Provision of livestock sale yards and markets and associated infrastructure;
(iii) Construction of county abattoirs after approval by the national veterinary services, where the later would post inspectors as is required in devolved and working structures everywhere in the world;
(iv) Primary animal disease control services such as vector control, tsetse fly control, vaccination campaigns and other primary animal health care services as harmonized with (i) above;
(v) Fish and other aquatic animal health services;
(vi) Licensing and control of undertakings that sell meat, milk, other foods of animal origin to the public;
(vii) Veterinary clinical services upon the required accreditation of the service providers by the National Veterinary Services;
(viii) Animal welfare services;
(ix) Implementation of policies, strategies, legislation, standards, programmes and projects;
(x) Implementation of International Agreements on animal health, welfare and food safety;
(xi) Data collection and dissemination laterally and vertically;
(xii) Provision of infrastructure and equipment for service delivery;
(xiii) Mobilization of resources for county programmes and projects; and
(xiv) Participation in research agenda setting.

Division of Fisheries
The Division of Fisheries will be responsible for the provision of extension services to fish farmers; development of county seed bulking units; market development and value addition initiatives. It will also be responsible for maintenance of fisheries related infrastructure; development of landing sites; farmer training and outreach services; collection of cess at landing sites; provision of sanitary facilities at landing sites, As part of its outreach services the Division will also be responsible for formation and supervision of Beach Management Units and Aquaculture Cluster groups; and collection of statistics on fisheries.

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