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Under the Department of finance and economic planning, the county level will be largely responsible for implementing national level policies in finance and economic planning.

Although the Constitution does not explicitly provide for functions relating to finance and planning at the county level, it has been considered prudent to decentralize those finance functions which are considered essential at the county level.

The presence of the Department itself as the repository of the government treasury is key. Moreover, the County Secretary responsible for Finance and Planning will be the Accounting Officer and Head of the County Treasury.

The approved County Development Plan will be principally used as a reference for the implementation of the county development activities. A copy of the plan will be submitted to the national level for inclusion in the National Development Plan/MTP. To facilitate the planning process, the national level (including Vision 2030/National Planning Commission), will issue guidelines to the county governments on how to prepare county development plans; and how to prioritise projects including inter-county projects, national projects as well as the country’s overall Vision 2030 strategy.


The finance component will be concurrently performed between the national and county levels. It will include county budget preparation; expenditure management and control; and revenue collection and management. The importance of the budgetary management function is even more pronounced following the requirement by the Commission on Revenue Allocation for strict observance of budgetary regulations and good practices by county governments. Similarly, the preparation of County Integrated Development Plans and related documentation which is a function of planning will also be performed at this level.

Organization Structure for Finance and Economic Planning at the County Level

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