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The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution assigns the county government responsibility for developing county health services, including the management of health facilities and pharmacies at the county level, ambulance services; promotion of primary health care; licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public; cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria; and refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal.

The county level will, therefore, be responsible for the provision of community health services; provision of health education; and implementation of preventative health programmes including vector control. It will also be responsible for providing reproductive health services. In effect, the current services performed by the Ministries of Health and Medical Services have been merged at the county level to be managed by a County Secretary for Health Services. However, the actual provision of health services will continue to be managed under the two main Divisions of Curative Services and Public Health Services.

County Functions in Health Services

  1. Implementation of National Policies at the County Level;
  2. Provision of Community Health Services;
  3. Provision of Health Education; 
  4. Quarantine Administration;
  5. Implementation of preventative health programmes including vector control; 
  6. Provision of reproductive health services;
  7. Provision of radiation protection services; 
  8. Refuse removal, refuse dumps and sold waste management;
  9. Mosquito control; 
  10. Provision of promotive health services; 
  11. Promotion of food quality and hygiene;
  12. Health inspection and other public health services;
  13. Provision of National Public Health Laboratory Services;
  14. Provision of Government chemist servicers;
  15. Provision of curative services;
  16. Treatment and management of HIV/AIDs and other Sexually Transmitted Infections; 
  17. Provision of maternity services; 
  18. Management of clinics and hospitals; 
  19. Provision of Health Insurance Services;
  20. Provision of Clinical Laboratory Services;
  21. Development and management of public mortuaries, cemeteries and crematoria;
  22. Management of dispensaries and health centres; 
  23. Procurement, distribution and management of drugs and medical supplies;
  24. Community Services

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