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  • 01 Jan

  • 01 Jan


A department of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning will be established under one cluster. The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 has assigned functions that relate to county planning and development including land survey and mapping, boundaries and fencing and housing development to the county level. The Department will be headed by a County Secretary with appropriate competencies in any or more of the above sectors. The incumbent will be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the County Public Service Board and approval of the County Assembly.

The county level is also responsible for the implementation of national policies relating to physical planning and housing development. This will entail the provision of shelter and slums upgrading services; development and promotion of low cost rental housing; provision of building and construction technologies; management of government housing; leasing of public office accommodation; construction and financing of housing.

With regard to physical planning, the county level will be responsible for land planning, provision of physical planning services in urban and rural areas, provision of land transaction services, provision of land adjudication services, provision of valuation services and management of the land information system. It will also provide boundaries and fencing services, managing land conflict resolutions and support land boards. Lastly, the county level structures will provide the interface with the envisaged Land Commission.

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