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The county level has been assigned by the Constitution responsibility for county public works and services including storm water management systems in built-up areas and water sanitation services. It has also been assigned county transport including county roads; street lightning; traffic and parking; public road transport, ferries and harbours. However, responsibility for regulating international and national shipping remains with the national level.

County Functions in Public Works, Roads and Transport

  1. Implementation of policies construction of government buildings;
  2. Award and supervise construction works for government buildings;
  3. Implementation of policies and guidelines in the maintenance and rehabilitation of government buildings;
  4. Implementation of policies and guidelines in the provision of mechanical and electrical building services for government buildings in the county;
  5. Maintenance and update an inventory of county government property; 
  6. Implementation of policies and guidelines in the provision of construction and maintenance of other public works in the county; 
  7. Implementation of policies on road works, quality standards, materials, mechanical and transport services for county roads;
  8. Undertake performance and technical audit on road construction and maintenance for county roads; 
  9. Implement findings on material research and testing to ensure compliance both for Government and Private sector construction and industry on county road works;
  10. Provision of equipment for development and maintenance of


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