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The Department of Water Services, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources will provide services in these sectors at the County level. The Department will be headed by a County Secretary with appropriate competencies in any or more of the above sectors; preferably an expert in Environmental Engineering. The incumbent will be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the County Public Service Board and approval of the County Assembly. The Department will be managed under four Divisions.
Narok county boasts as a region with a variety of vegetations and climate that spells out the best biodiversity.


County Functions in Water and Irrigation

  1. Implementation of specific national policies and Programmes;
  2. Development of County Water Strategy and Plans;
  3. Implementation of national strategies, standards and dam safety guidelines;
  4. Coordinate research and development on:-
     Appropriate technology
    water security
    Reuse of water utilization.
  5. Participate in Research agenda setting;
  6. Implementation of research findings; 
  7. Coordinate the regulation of water provision, monitor compliance with set standards on water quality, effluent standards and service levels;
  8. Develop relevant bylaws;
  9. Implement regulatory requirements;
  10. Implement national water quality and effluent discharge standards and service provision regulations;
  11. Coordinate implementation of Water rules, regulations and water dispute resolution mechanisms;

County Functions in Energy

  1. Implementation of county specific policies on electrical energy, renewable energy, geothermal exploration and development;
  2. Collection of Data/statistics necessary for energy projects designs e.g. river flow data could be provided at County level;
  3. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of Rural Electrification Projects; 
  4. Implementation of Rural Electrification Projects; 
  5. Supervision of generation of hydropower, thermal, nuclear, wind, solar within the county;
  6. Generation: small hydropower, small geothermal, thermal less than 3MW as IPPs; 
  7. Undertake feasibility studies for county based projects;
  8. Coordination of county-based feasibility studies;
  9. Generation of energy statistics; 
  10. Undertake county specific feasibility studies for projects less than 3MW;
  11. Coordination of licensing and registration, formulation and enforcement of standards, codes and regulations

County Functions in Environmental and Forestry Services

  1. Implementation of national policies at the County level;
  2. Conservation, control and protection of water catchment areas;
  3. Control of:- Air pollution, Noise pollution, Other public nuisance and outdoor advertisement;
  4. Management of forest and water conservation;
  5. Management of parks and sanctuaries; 
  6. Acquisition of data on weather, climate, water and related environmental information; 
  7. Provision of essential data and information to support systems such as agriculture, water resources, human health, disaster management and transport for improving the well-being of societies;
  8. Rehabilitation and protection of indigenous forests in the Water Towers (Mau Complex),

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