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Investment Opportunities

To ensure socio-economic transformation within Narok County, the County Government has identified 50 viable projects that investors can invest in.

With a well-planned and structired road map, these activities will enhance the social fabric of the society; create jobs; foster transfer of skill and technolgy; and create a framework for sustainable transformation within the County.

The Narok County Investment Board has been tasked to ensure that all potential investors are managed professionally and all their concerns, queries and needs are addressed.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • Modern abattoir-Meat processing
  • Dairy milk processing factory
  • Flour milling-Maize and wheat
  • Sugar- Integrated sugar mill
  • Potatoes-Farming and processing
  • Tomatoes- Farming and processing
  • Large scale farming of vegetables and legumes
  • Grain storage
  • Tannery- Hides and leather
  • Feed manufacturing
  • Fish Farming
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Bamboo Forestry
  • Farming Equipment

Energy and Natural Resources

Power Projects (IPP)
  • Solar power
  • Hydro power
  • Geothermal
  • Wind power
  • Biogas power

Natural Resources
  • Limestone
  • Gold mining
  • Irrigation

  • Waste management to power generation


Primary and Secondary Education
  • At least two large Kenyan schools opening Narok branches
  • An international boarding school
  • Rolling out IT based education distribution network model to enhance
  • Accessibility and quality

University-for all degree courses
  • Hotel Management College
  • Medical college
  • Vocational Trainings
  • Agriculture Research and Development center
  • Cultural Center
  • Sports complex
  • Veterinary college


  • Private General Hospital
  • Dental Clinic
  • Specialty Hospital
  • Diagnostic/Lab/Imaging center
  • Imaging Center
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Alternative Medicine manufacturing
  • Medical College in collaboration with an international medical school and Maasai Mara University
  • Medical waste management
  • Pharmacy retail chain

Roads, Transport and Public Works

Within Maasai Mara Internal Infrastructure
  • 5 Air strips in the Mara-upgrade and maintenance
  • 4 cross over bridges
  • 7 stretches of roads to be improved using top-sill method-total approx. 150kms

Minimum 500kms of roads within the County
  • Sub-County roads
  • Signage
  • Weigh bridge
  • Narok Town Airstrip
  • Parking- Smaller Vehicles, Lorry and Buses
  • Bus Terminal
  • Street Lighting


Integrated Leisure City
  • Golf Course
  • Holiday Homes
  • 5 star Hotel with MICE facility
  • Entertainment center-Casino, Theme park
  • International Hotel Management School

Self-sustaining Tourism CoE
Town Hotels
Narok specific travel portal and tour operator
Luxury hotel at Mau Forest

Housing and Urban Planning

  • Integrated mini leisure city
  • Education city
  • Industrial park-SEZ
  • Hostel Accommodation

Real Estate and Construction
  • Residential apartments
  • Residential Villas /town houses
  • Low cost housing

Multi-use Commercial Complex
  • Shopping malls
  • Office space