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County Public Service Board

Background Information

The Board is constitutionally established under the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012 as per the Constitution of Kenya Article 235. The establishment of the County Public Service Board under Section 57 of the County Government Act of 2012, shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a seal; and capable of suing and being sued in its corporate name.

Core Values

The County Public Service will be guided by the following core values in the discharge of its mandate:

  • Integrity - Adherence to impeccable and beyond reproach professional and personal standards in the conduct of its affairs.
  • Transparency and Accountability - Upholds openness and takes responsibility for actions in the discharge of its mandate.
  • Professionalism – undertakes duties without compromising standards and values.
  • Fairness, Equity and Diversity - Consistently directs effort to build inclusivity.
  • Team spirit - Maintains a high degree of co-operation and team work.
  • Creativity and innovation - Applies new ideas, methods and technology in the discharge of its mandate.
  • Excellence – Continuous improvement of Values.


To establish and maintain efficient professional and motivated public service that enhances efficient and effective service delivery.

Functions and Powers of the Board

The functions of the Board shall be, on behalf of the Narok County Government, to:

  • Establish and abolish offices in the Narok County Public Service.
  • Appoint persons to hold or act in offices of the county public service including in the Boards of cities and urban areas within Narok County and to confirm appointments.
  • Exercise disciplinary control over, and remove, persons holding or acting in those offices in accordance with the law.
  • Prepare regular reports for submission to the Narok County Assembly on the execution of the functions of the Board.
  • Promote in the Narok County Public Service the values and principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution.
  • Evaluate and report to the Narok County Assembly on the extent to which the values and principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution are complied with in the county public service.
  • Facilitate the development of coherent, integrated human resource planning and budgeting for personnel emoluments in Narok County.
  • Advise Narok County Government on human resource management and development.
  • Advise Narok County Government on implementation and monitoring of the national performance management system in the county.
  • Make recommendations to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, on behalf of Narok County Government, on the remuneration, pensions and gratuities for Narok County Public Service employees.

To be the lead county public service board in the provision, management and development of competent human resource for efficient service delivery in the County.

To transform the public service to be dynamic, professional, efficient and effective for the realization of County Government development goals.




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