400 Members of Mulot Kupanda2Grow CBO Graduate 

400 members of the Mulot Kupanda2Grow Community-Based Organization (CBO), domiciled in Ngiito in Ilmotiok ward, have graduated. The graduation ceremony was attended by His Excellency Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu. 

This graduation ceremony was preceded by a rigorous one-week training on dairy farming facilitated by the Kupanda2Grow Foundation which is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) from the Netherlands. As a result of the training, farmers are looking forward to raising their daily milk production to a minimum of ten liters. The income earned from the sale of increased quantities of milk will guarantee the farmers increased income thereby enabling them to sustain their livelihoods. 

Governor Ntutu commended the work done by the NGO revealing that he had procured Artificial Insemination services to enhance the quality of their cattle breeds as had been requested by the members of the CBO. He further noted that the County Government will provide a cooling plant for the farmers to store their milk. He reiterated the County Government’s aim of empowering local farmers, enhancing productivity, and stimulating rural development through strategic investments in modern farming techniques, irrigation infrastructure and access to markets. 

“Furthermore, fostering innovation in agricultural practices and promoting value addition will unlock new opportunities for agribusinesses, generating employment and income for our residents, ” added the Governor.