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Narok County Unveils its Inaugural Inspectorate Team

38 Law Enforcement/Inspectorate Officers from Narok County have graduated from Nashulai Training College in Sekenani in Mara ward, Narok West Sub County. The ceremony was graced by H.E. Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu accompanied by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Hon. Soipan Tuya.

The training was formulated and delivered by the County Department of Land, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development with an aim of impacting the officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively fulfill their roles of maintaining public safety, upholding the rule of law and serving their communities. This inspectorate will play a crucial role in upholding county laws and maintaining order in Narok and Kilgoris Municipalities.

The one-month training focused on various aspects of law enforcement including but not limited to patrol and law enforcement tactics, emergency response procedures, community engagement strategies, investigative techniques and administrative duties with the training curriculum crafted to address the unique needs and challenges faced by law enforcement officers operating within the county’s jurisdiction. 

Governor Ntutu congratulated the officers noting that his administration, through the County Department of Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development, is in the process of finalizing the submission for approval of relevant County specific laws, by laws and regulations to Cabinet and County Assembly namely; Narok County Inspectorate Bill, Narok Municipality By Laws & Narok Land Information Management System Regulations, that will further augment and support the execution of the various roles and responsibilities of the Enforcement officers.

Narok Town Bodaboda Riders Get New Shades As Repair and Maintenance of 23 Roads Identified For Upgrade Across the Town Continue

On 13th of February, 2024, His Excellency Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu commissioned boda boda shades and inspected ongoing road maintenance works across Narok town. 

The eight boda boda shades that His Excellency the Governor commissioned today, were a fulfillment of the promise that he made when he attended the Narok Boda Boda Association Annual General Meeting last year at the William Ole Ntimama Stadium where he promised to install boda boda shades at various pick-up points across Narok town. These shades are strategically located at different stages, including Oltalet, ODM market, Narok Municipality bus terminus, and the Total area, among other locations.

While commissioning the shades, Governor Ntutu assured of the county government’s support for the sector — acknowledging the contributions of the sector to the economic growth and development of the County. “Already, we have reduced the monthly sticker charges from Kshs 300 to ksh.200 to cushion our boda boda operators during these harsh economic times,” added Governor Ntutu.

The ongoing repairs and maintenance of the 23 roads was necessitated by the heavy rains that destroyed parts of the roads thereby rendering them impassable and posing significant security threat to residents of Narok town. The county government of Narok, through the department of roads, transport and public works, is working round the clock to ensure that all the ongoing road maintenance works are completed in time.

Today, Governor Ntutu inspected some of these roads namely the Milimani Junction -Fanaka road, Nyawira-Redeemed Church road, Uhuru area, Redeemed Church-Majengo, Mongare among other roads. With an efficient road network, the County Government of Narok is opening up the county for enhanced trade and development.

In Olpusimoru Ward, Narok North Sub County, several roads are also undergoing repair and maintenance including: Shapartarakwa-Olenchoko junction road, Olenchoko-Kamurar road, Kamurar-Olposimoru road, Olpusimoru center-Enkusero center road, Enkusero center-Daraja Mungu road and Olenosira-Entiany road in Olokurto Ward.

The County Government of Narok has been focusing on improving critical road infrastructure within Narok North Sub County as outlined in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). The Sub county is a major contributor to the county’s food basket, boasting of significant production of wheat, maize, and potatoes. Prioritizing these roads will not only transform the region’s fortunes but also enhance agricultural activities in the region.

A Model ECDE Center and Four Other Projects Commissioned in Ololulung’a Ward

His Excellency Governor Patrick  Ole Ntutu commissioned five major project in Ololulung’a ward including: a model ECDE center at Ololulung’a day primary school, an ECDE classroom at Olgilai primary school, Olonini 1 & 2 water point, Olorien water point and an administration block at Olashapani girls secondary school.

At Olgilai primary school, Governor Ntutu commissioned a fully equipped, ECDE compliant modern ECDE classroom with a capacity to accommodate 40 pupils. Another major education sector project that was commissioned by His Excellency the Governor was the Ololulung’a modern ECDE centre at Ololulung’a Day Primary School. The centre is one of a kind in the whole County comprising four classrooms, an administration block, septic tank, modern washrooms for teachers and learners and a perimeter wall. This project has been implemented at a cost of Kshs. 14 Million, has the capacity to accommodate 160 learners and has three ECDE teachers employed by the County Government of Narok. The full execution of this project is a testament to the County Government’s commitment to uplifting the education standards in the county.

In response to the need to increase the per capita availability of water in Ololulung’a town and it’s environs, the County Government of Narok embarked on public consultations with the residents to identify mechanisms to ensure that under-served areas receive clean and safe water for use and for their livestock. It was through these consultations that the need to operationalize the Oloirien water point and Olonini water point one and two became evident. These two major water projects in Ololulung’a ward have been fully implemented during the financial year 2022/23 and have been commissioned by Governor Ntutu in Ololulung’a ward.

For Olonini Water Point 1 & 2, a detailed piping channel has been constructed from Masantare tanks which are 6kms away. With this water point now operational, the residents of the area are now guaranteed of an uninterrupted supply of clean water.  The water supply will be enough to serve approximately 1,000 households around the Olonini area including the neighboring Olonini Primary School and will go along way in addressing the challenge of perennial water shortage in the area.

Oloirien water point project serves over 1,500 households in Oloirien area as well as the nearby Oloirien Primary school.This water has been made available through a hybrid piping system spanning eight kilometers from the Masantare water tanks.

Governor Ntutu also officially also opened for operation an administration block at Olashapani Girls Secondary school. This administration block was constructed by the County Government of Narok at a cost of Ksh. 7 million in the 2022-2023 financial year. 

Narok County Government’s commitment to critical infrastructure, such as bridges, is unwavering. The County Government recognizes the pivotal role that bridges play in connecting communities, facilitating commerce, and ensuring safety. Investing in the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of bridges is essential for fostering economic growth. In this regard, Governor Patrick  Ole Ntutu conducted an inspection tour of Masantare Bridge in Ololulung’a Ward. The bridge has been completed and is yet to be commissioned. 

Ololulung’a ward has a total of 20 complete projects including: Oloshapani-Pambanik road, Olorien-Eor Ewaso road, Osotua-Oloisusho-Triangle road, Nkoben Dispensary, among other projects some of which have already been commissioned. 

Governor Ntutu Leads Development Tour of Shankoe Ward

For his second day of development tour across the county, His Excellency Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu traversed Shankoe ward, commissioning and inspecting several development projects that had been scheduled for implementation in the Ward for the 2022/23 financial year.

As a result, two new boreholes in Shankoe ward have now joined the growing list of complete projects that have been officially commissioned by His Excellency  the Governor across the County. Oloshaiki water project has now been successfully completed, providing this essential commodity to Oloshaiki primary school, the local community, and livestock farmers who now have access to watering points for their animals. Emorogi water borehole is another critical project that is currently serving the Emorogi community, Emorogi Primary School, and St. Monica Catholic Church.

The Healthcare sector alongside the Education, Roads, Agriculture, and Water sectors still remain the priority areas for the County Government of Narok in order for it to fully impact the lives of the people of Narok County. During the development tour, Governor Ntutu commissioned the newly completed outpatient facility and washrooms at Shankoe Dispensary. In addition to the outpatient department (OPD) and washrooms, the County Government of Narok has prioritized the construction of a staff house, ensuring that healthcare providers reside within the facility hence guaranteeing round-the-clock patient care and effectively elevating the standards of provision of healthcare services across the County.

The already commissioned projects are just a section of the many projects that had been prioritized for implementation by the residents of Shankoe Ward. Other projects include the construction of Ilmeshuki and Osinoni dispensaries, the completion of the OPD at Olereko Dispensary, the establishment of a staff residence at Ololchani Dispensary, and the construction of a maternity wingat Entargeti Dispensary among several other ongoing projects. Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu’s administration remains committed to prioritizing the implementation of projects as requested bY members of the community.

Netherlands Ambassador To Kenya Pays Governor Ntutu A Courtesy Call

The Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellency Maarten Brouwer accompanied by a prominent delegation, has today paid a courtesy visit to Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu at his office. The deliberations centered on key sectors of Agriculture and Environment, with a particular focus on the collaborative initiatives between the Netherlands-affiliated NGO, SNV, Narok County Government and the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in Narok County.

The delegation examined the initiatives spearheaded by SNV, operating under the patronage of the Netherlands Embassy, aimed at advancing agricultural practices and environmental preservation in the county. Through strategic partnerships with Narok County and KALRO, SNV is committed to introducing contemporary interventions in agriculture, notably in livestock farming and environmental conservation, with the objective of enhancing the income of farmers and catalyzing transformative changes in their livelihoods, all while advocating for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Following the meeting, Governor Ntutu stated, ” I have formally solicited the extension of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SNV, a matter duly addressed by the SNV Global Managing Director, Adre De Jager. I am pleased to announce that, through the auspices of the Country Director, Jean Kootstra, our MOU, initially ratified in 2022, will indeed be renewed.”

The Governor recognized  the pivotal role that such partnerships play in advancing the development agenda of the county.

HR and Payroll Audit
Follow Up Meeting With Select County Staff Over The Recently Released Staff Audit Report

On the 23rd of January, 2024, Governor Patrick Keturet Ole Ntutu held a meeeting with the 535 staff who did not present all their documents during the human resource and payroll audit exercise that was conducted by the county government in May last year. The meeting provided an opportunity for His Excellency the Governor to meet, engage and deliberate with the affected staff on the next course of action.
The County Government of Narok rolled out the human resource and payroll audit exercise with an aim of streamlining its human resource function. Over 310 staff members presented themselves for the exercise.
Tasked with implementing the recommendations forwarded in the report is a seven – member joint committee, chaired by the County Secretary Maiyani Tuya. Other members include: Hon. Josephine Ngeno – CECM Administration, Decentralized Services and Disaster Management; Allan Meingati – County Attorney; Stanley koros – Commissioner Narok County Public Service Board; Paul Karbuali – Chief Officer Public Service Management; Alex Lesaloi – Payroll Manager; and Brian Rotich – Commissioner Narok County Public Service Board
Members of the secretarat include: John Nkamasiai -Assistant Director Human Resource Management; Vivian Nkoitoi – Principal Human Resource Officer and Faith Yiamat – Chief Human Resource Officer.
Through this exercise, the county government in aligning it’s human resource with its functions and mandate for efficient service delivery to the people of Narok County.

County Government Of Narok Ranked Second Runners Up In Remittance Of Deductions By County Pension Fund

Narok County Government received a trophy from the County Pension Fund (CPF) for being among the best counties nationwide in remittance of deductions and processing of retirees pensions and benefits of officers for the financial year 2022/23.
The County Pension Fund (CPF) is a contributory retirement benefits scheme for County employees where both the employee and the employer contribute for the benefit of the employee.

Governor Ntutu Issues Certificates Of Service To 143 Retirees

His Excellency Governor Patrick Keturet Ole Ntutu issued certificates of service to 143 retirees.
He appreciated the retirees for dedicating their lives to the service of the people of Narok County and wished them all the best in their next endeavors. The Governor also urged the officers who are still in service to emulate the diligence with which the retirees conducted their duties and to offer quality and timely services for the overall growth and development of Narok county.

The Narok County 2023/2024 Bursary Disbursement Exercise Kicks-Off In Earnest

On the 17th of January, 2024, His Excellency Governor, Patrick Keturet Ole Ntutu led Narok county leadership in launching the 2023/2024 bursary program at the County Headquarters.
This year’s disbursement, totaling Kshs. 400 Million, marks the largest bursary advance since the advent of devolution and will significantly contribute to supporting the education of over 47,000 students, both in Secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
For this year’s disbursement, the County Government has digitized the distribution process through the Bursary Management Information System (BMIS) to ensure efficiency and timely allocation of funds to the students. As a result, parents and guardians will receive an SMS on their phones indicating the amount disbursed in favour of their children and the school the money has been disbursed to. The SMS will also contain the name of the student and their admission or registration numbers.
The County Government of Narok has also increased the number of students on full scholarship from 500 beneficiaries last year to the current 1,700 beneficiaries.
In his remarks, Governor Ntutu expressed his gratitude to I&M Bank for partnering with Narok County in rolling out the Bursary Management Information System, the members of the bursary committees at the ward levels for their diligent efforts in ensuring the successful listing of deserving students in their areas of jurisdiction as well as both arms of the County Government for their unwavering support.