A Model ECDE Center and Four Other Projects Commissioned in Ololulung’a Ward

His Excellency Governor Patrick  Ole Ntutu commissioned five major project in Ololulung’a ward including: a model ECDE center at Ololulung’a day primary school, an ECDE classroom at Olgilai primary school, Olonini 1 & 2 water point, Olorien water point and an administration block at Olashapani girls secondary school.

At Olgilai primary school, Governor Ntutu commissioned a fully equipped, ECDE compliant modern ECDE classroom with a capacity to accommodate 40 pupils. Another major education sector project that was commissioned by His Excellency the Governor was the Ololulung’a modern ECDE centre at Ololulung’a Day Primary School. The centre is one of a kind in the whole County comprising four classrooms, an administration block, septic tank, modern washrooms for teachers and learners and a perimeter wall. This project has been implemented at a cost of Kshs. 14 Million, has the capacity to accommodate 160 learners and has three ECDE teachers employed by the County Government of Narok. The full execution of this project is a testament to the County Government’s commitment to uplifting the education standards in the county.

In response to the need to increase the per capita availability of water in Ololulung’a town and it’s environs, the County Government of Narok embarked on public consultations with the residents to identify mechanisms to ensure that under-served areas receive clean and safe water for use and for their livestock. It was through these consultations that the need to operationalize the Oloirien water point and Olonini water point one and two became evident. These two major water projects in Ololulung’a ward have been fully implemented during the financial year 2022/23 and have been commissioned by Governor Ntutu in Ololulung’a ward.

For Olonini Water Point 1 & 2, a detailed piping channel has been constructed from Masantare tanks which are 6kms away. With this water point now operational, the residents of the area are now guaranteed of an uninterrupted supply of clean water.  The water supply will be enough to serve approximately 1,000 households around the Olonini area including the neighboring Olonini Primary School and will go along way in addressing the challenge of perennial water shortage in the area.

Oloirien water point project serves over 1,500 households in Oloirien area as well as the nearby Oloirien Primary school.This water has been made available through a hybrid piping system spanning eight kilometers from the Masantare water tanks.

Governor Ntutu also officially also opened for operation an administration block at Olashapani Girls Secondary school. This administration block was constructed by the County Government of Narok at a cost of Ksh. 7 million in the 2022-2023 financial year. 

Narok County Government’s commitment to critical infrastructure, such as bridges, is unwavering. The County Government recognizes the pivotal role that bridges play in connecting communities, facilitating commerce, and ensuring safety. Investing in the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of bridges is essential for fostering economic growth. In this regard, Governor Patrick  Ole Ntutu conducted an inspection tour of Masantare Bridge in Ololulung’a Ward. The bridge has been completed and is yet to be commissioned. 

Ololulung’a ward has a total of 20 complete projects including: Oloshapani-Pambanik road, Olorien-Eor Ewaso road, Osotua-Oloisusho-Triangle road, Nkoben Dispensary, among other projects some of which have already been commissioned.