Governor Ntutu Leads Development Tour of Shankoe Ward

For his second day of development tour across the county, His Excellency Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu traversed Shankoe ward, commissioning and inspecting several development projects that had been scheduled for implementation in the Ward for the 2022/23 financial year.

As a result, two new boreholes in Shankoe ward have now joined the growing list of complete projects that have been officially commissioned by His Excellency  the Governor across the County. Oloshaiki water project has now been successfully completed, providing this essential commodity to Oloshaiki primary school, the local community, and livestock farmers who now have access to watering points for their animals. Emorogi water borehole is another critical project that is currently serving the Emorogi community, Emorogi Primary School, and St. Monica Catholic Church.

The Healthcare sector alongside the Education, Roads, Agriculture, and Water sectors still remain the priority areas for the County Government of Narok in order for it to fully impact the lives of the people of Narok County. During the development tour, Governor Ntutu commissioned the newly completed outpatient facility and washrooms at Shankoe Dispensary. In addition to the outpatient department (OPD) and washrooms, the County Government of Narok has prioritized the construction of a staff house, ensuring that healthcare providers reside within the facility hence guaranteeing round-the-clock patient care and effectively elevating the standards of provision of healthcare services across the County.

The already commissioned projects are just a section of the many projects that had been prioritized for implementation by the residents of Shankoe Ward. Other projects include the construction of Ilmeshuki and Osinoni dispensaries, the completion of the OPD at Olereko Dispensary, the establishment of a staff residence at Ololchani Dispensary, and the construction of a maternity wingat Entargeti Dispensary among several other ongoing projects. Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu’s administration remains committed to prioritizing the implementation of projects as requested bY members of the community.